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Terms of Service

By using this site, you affirm your consent to the following Terms of Service ("Terms"):

Use of any automated script, program, application, app, or other software ("Software"), whether distributed or centralized, mobile, desktop, server, mainframe, or cloud based ("Computer"), to send email, MMS, SMS, tweets, texts, or other messages of any length or type ("Messages"), or submit online forms on this site ("Forms") to the owners, operators, administors, or other visitors of this site ("Victims") subjects the controller of said Software ("Scumbag") to the following penalties:

So don't do anything stupid.

This policy incorporates by reference both our Privacy Policy and our User Agreement.

Finally, we reserve the right to change these Terms at any time and in any way, without notice to you or anyone else.

So don't rely on these Terms to stay as friendly as the are.

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