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Wed, 30 Dec 2015

The end of the semester and winter break

So I guess I've pretty much written about everything until just after Thanksgiving. This is going to be just a list of things that happened this semester.

I went with my roommates and several other people to the Civil Defense caves that are outside of town. There we pretty much just explored the caves with flashlights. We brought glow sticks with us and when we got deep into the caves some of them broke the sticks and splattered them all over the cave ceiling and ground. I have no pictures of that, but it was fun. The road took us out on some interesting roads that had mostly frozen puddles on them. I was in a car with Megan, who was driving, and she tried not to drive through the muddy slush, but at one point was unsuccessful. So we were stuck in the ditch and so we all got out to push and so we soon got out but not without getting mud all over the outside of the car.

Another time that a car was stuck in the snow /ice was when Erica rented the enterprise car that was parked in our apartment parking lot. So we all came down to the parking lot from the apartment to help push the car out. None of us could get the car unstuck. An older man came by and offered his assistance and then promptly told us that the parking break was still on….. I didn't even think to check that because I always have to take off the parking break to go anywhere because I normally park on the slant of the driveway so I just assumed that she'd taken it off….. Erica apparently never puts the parking break on so didn't think of checking it either…. So technically the car wasn't stuck in the snow/ice, the breaks were just on….

 So after that funny story, what else happened this semester? I seem to have a terrible memory so I'm just going to post a few scans of art from my drawing class this semester. This first one though was not for my art class. I just wanted to do it this past summer so I started it over the summer and then finished it a couple of weeks into the semester. It's Anakin Skywalker from the Star Wars movies.

Anakin Skywalker.jpg

drawing110 assignment 1 cake and cup.jpg


This one's just a line drawing of a clock.

white sphere.jpg

oranges and vase.jpg

still life cubes.jpg

final project.jpg

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The end of the semester

So the semester is over and Christmas break will also be over soon. But since the last time I posted many more things have happened. I know that's normally what happens with the passage of time. Surprise! Anyway, stuffs happened.


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