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Fri, 04 Dec 2015

The first week

So I just updated yesterday, but I didn't put much on because I had other things that I was supposed to be doing.

The semester began with moving to Rexburg, and meeting my new roommates.

 Mom drove me up Thursday night and we drove through the night to get there bright and early in the morning. We stopped and did some grocery shopping in Idaho Falls a half hour out of Rexburg and look how full the car was!


Okay it's a sort of bad picture, but I don't normally take selfies!… We drove up in Mom's Prius, so we were limited on space.We met up with the Wilkerson's when we got there and we went out to Winger's for dinner. I got a first… Chicken and Waffles. You should know how I can't resist breakfast food. It was really good.


Mom stayed in a hotel that night and left the following morning back to Henderson… It's been a while at least I'm fairly certain that's what happened… 

The second night was i-night where we all went rollerskating, played in the bouncy houses(yes we're eighteen, but we're still children at heart), and we just had fun getting to know all of our quirky personalities.




Look at us in a photo booth. We're all there. Kayla, Stacy, Me, Austen, Erica, and Mega. I'm also not the only one going down that slide. Stacy was on the other side and we raced. If I remember correctly… she won. 

After we had settled in we started classes on that Monday. Ah!!! Now that the first semester is almost over I feel a lot less panicky now. Haha.

That Sunday we went to church as an apartment and we met our FHE brothers on that Monday. Turns out that our bishop was mistaken and we were actually in a different ward. But we still hang out with our original FHE brothers they're now "The boys of C203". Our real FHE brothers are cool too, but they're a bit further away from our apartment so we really only do stuff with them on Monday nights. Sometime that first week we made it over to the new hang out spot… "The Burg"which sells burgers and shakes. get it? RexBURG and BURGers… haha - "The Burg" Anyway look at these ginormous shakes! They end up being about twice the height of the cups they're put in. 


Within the first couple of weeks of starting school I finally turned 18!!! 



Mom sent me to college with some candles, a cake mix, and frosting to decorate. The Sunday of my birthday also happened to be fast Sunday so when we got home from church we were all very hungry and we made chicken and dumplings and Stacy decorated my cake for me and then we ate it. Victoria even brought me over some cookies that she had made from Aunt Pam's recipe.


That night the was a lunar eclipse and we all (including the boys of C203) went up the the field by the temple to watch it. It was windy and cold that night but look at the sunset! It's beautiful. I didn't get a good picture of the eclipse though so I don't have anything to post for that. 

It was fast Sunday that week because the following week was general conference. So…CINNAMON ROLLS!!!! Yummm!!!


They were quite tasty, but they were definitely different from cinnamon rolls I've had before. I used Grandma's roll recipe for the dough and then just an improvised middle. There was so much butter it kind of ended up deep frying the cinnamon rolls… hehe. Not really but all that butter probably accounted for why they tasted so good. 

Before Halloween we did a couple of other things. One was we went to the sand dunes and sat by a bonfire. One of Kayla's group members from our American Foundations class invited her (and their other group members as well) and so we all went too, a couple of the guys of C203 also came. It was a pretty big bonfire. 


Some time around that time we also went to the field across the street from our apartments with the guys and played kickball. That was fun. And one last thing we did before Halloween was we went to a masquerade ball that BYU-I put on. When we showed up it was super awkward because they had a live band who was playing Jazz… None of us could actually dance to that so we were just about ready to leave when someone said  "remember that there is a photo booth in the other room" and we were all like, "What? There's another room?" So we went to another room in the Hart building where it was being held and it was much less awkward the rest of the night. After the dance ended a couple of guys who we where dancing with at the end asked us if we wanted to meet at the Burg in about a half hour giving us time to change our of our formal attire. So we did just for fun and to meet new people and they were both very nice. We ended up going to this place called 'Redneck Sups' because 'The Burg' had already closed by then. At 'Redneck Sups' the sell these sodas that are basically 4 or 5 flavors of soda mixed together. They were very good! As you can see a couple of us had our dresses shipped up to us by our wonderful parents who are willing to indulge our fantasies for a few hours. Mom shipped my prom dress up for me so that we could go all out. The day before the ball we went to the costume store (it was right before Halloween) and bought 99 cent masks to decorate.



Soon after this was Halloween and we went to a Halloween party with some of the guys of C203. Look at our costumes. I brought mine up with me from Las Vegas Red Riding Hood from the 2011 movie, but Austen is in the giraffe suit onesie, Stacy is a sort of witch…I think it's supposed to be from Vampire Diaries, but I don't watch that show so I don't know She mostly just went Halloweeny. And then there's Megan who went Indian, and Erica who went as a college student. Originally she was going as a cereal killer, but she didn't want to wear a whole bunch of make-up to make her look crazy, and then Kayla was Sherlock. 


I'm going to do another post later about the rest of the semester after Halloween. This post actually turned out okay so let's see if I can post it now without deleting anything…


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