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Thu, 03 Dec 2015

First Semester

Clearly I still have some work to do considering I just posted the same thing twice… Haha. 


I think these pictures are going to show up really tiny. But I wanted to start this blog with my first semester of college. A couple of summers ago I planned to start a quilt. The picture is of the colors I chose. Right before college started I finally finished the quilt!

Sewing my quilt.jpg

Here's me working on it and then the final project. 


Grandma Dill also made me a quilt as a graduation present 

Grandma Dill

I'm glad that I brought both of them to college with me because It's cold up here in Idaho!I'm going to try to post a picture of the quilt she made later. Most of the pictures that I'm going to try and post will probably have already been on Facebook so if you've already seen them that's probably why. I have art homework to do so I'm going to end this very short post here for now and see how it turns out. Lets see how long it is before the next time I post. I hope it's not too long. 

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First Semester

It's been five years since I posted last… My first semester of college is almost over, and so I decided that it's about time I learn how to use this blog. 

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