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Sat, 07 Apr 2012

Farewell Anchorage

My work here in Anchorage is about done, so this entry will be a dump of all the photos I haven’t been able to use in previous postings but still think are representative of my last three months.

The Tony Knowles trail down to the Cook Inlet is clear!


Look at those daredevils out there on the ice…


Sunset over the Cook Inlet:


The view up from Ship Creek to the downtown skyline:


A map of Anchorage as it was originally planned (from the Anchorage Museum):


Anchorage as it actually is:


I’m just kidding about that… This is where they store the signage for the farmers’ market that goes up once all the snow has melted.

Here’s the Statehood monument overlooking Ship Creek:


Last but not least, the best picture I could get of the Northern Lights:


Unfortunately, the lights of Anchorage are too bright when reflecting up from the snow to see much of a view of the Aurora Borealis. My chief regret from my time in Anchorage is that I was unable to get more than a smudgey glimpse of the Northern Lights.

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