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Thu, 31 Dec 2020

Christmas 2020

Christmas this year started with a quick trip to Fresno to see Mom. It was unusally foggy, so that is what we think of as a "White Christmas" in Fresno. It hasn't been as foggy the last few years, so that was new.



We wenet out to look at Christmas lights.


Back home, I was excited that Bryan was going to drive down and spend Christmas with us. So when Melody and Calvin came over, we were all together. We had the usual traditional dinner, opening presents, and playing games. It was low-key but nice. 




We made English toffee. Yum. And one of my favorite presents was a painting done for me by my talented daughter.



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Wed, 30 Dec 2020

Melody and Calvin Move in

Melody and Calvin ended up staying with us for much longer than they had anticipated due to the pandemic. But sice they were able to save some money, they decided that they wanted to buy a house rather than renting. So they started looking. The housing market was hot and when they did manage to find something, there were usually several offers on it, and so it was very competitive. They finally found a house to love, but it did need some work before they could move in.





They finally went to get their stuff, which had been in storage in Idaho all this time. So they planned Thanksgiving weekend to go get it. I drove them to SLC, where they got a moving truck. 


I spent the day with Bryan , while they went to Calvin's parent's house to get their stuff. We met them again on the way back, but I stayed overnight in Provo, thereby missing the whole unloading thing. They used the truck to take another load from our house too. They have a lot of stuff. They spent the next while, unpacking, and by Christmas were pretty moved in and able to enjoy their first Christmas in their own house.


  We are very happy for them. And, I am happy to have my sewing room again.

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Sat, 05 Dec 2020

A summary I will write…

So it worked and I am excited. I has been almost two years that I have not been able to share pictures and my exciting life. I hope I can continue to keep this up and have no more technical issues.


Looking back on the time I missed will be interesting. Not a lot and yet a ton has happened. This was 2020 after all. Let me go back to 2019 to start.

In July, we traveled to Rexburg to see Melody walk through BYUI graduation. That was exciting and when I can get some pictures uploaded, I may put some up.  Melody and Calvin packed up, put their stuff in storage for what was going to be a semester of student teaching in Las Vegas, and moved in with us. Calvin was going to finish his program online. Melody successfully finished student teaching in December of 2019, finally got a job in March, taught two days, COVID-19 happened and school was shut down and we have been teaching (and living) online ever since…

Having a global pandemic brought a lot of changes. On Friday, March 13th, when talk at work was all about a possible shutdown, I naively thought I would go to the grocery store and buy a few things to have on hand in case we couldn't get to the store for a few days. Since I get off work about two, I figured I could beat any rush. Instead at the store I found panic-buying and many shelves already empty. Luckily, we always keep a supply of toilet paper on hand and our freezer fairly well stocked due to an upbringing of food storage habits.

Basically 2020 has been a bust. Melody and I have learned to teach in Google Meet. We have sewn masks and things have gotten fairly back to "normal". Mask wearing has become a very political issue with President Trump first denying the pandemic, then saying it was over and refusing to wear a mask. People have posted online that it is all a hoax and that wearing masks is dangerous and a infringement on our rights. 

So we have not gone too many places during the year. We have tried to stay home and "socially distanced" to stay safe and keep from getting sick. Things "opened back up" after about 6 weeks of staying home and Bryan was able to start back to his job at Kohl's. I worry about him because he works behind a plexiglass screen, people don't wear masks in Utah, and he has no health insurance. Melody and I have taught online, Marc works mostly online at the job he fortuitously started at the beginning of March, missing all the later layoffs at MGM due to the pandemic. He goes into work occasionally when he has to do something that can't be done remotely.  Thomas was furloughed from Best Buy in March, but went back for Black Friday. Calvin continued to do school online, and Melody and Calvin decided living with us for a year was enough and started looking for a house.

  As I write this, Melody and Calvin and working to make their new house livable, we continue teaching online and wondering what the new year will bring. There is a lot of pressure on the district to open up schools, even though numbers of infections are at the highest levels ever, and we are hoping that our new president will successfully be inaugurated in January without further tantrums from the (thankfully) outgoing president. 

I haven't added that Marc's Mom died during the early part of the pandemic and that we did make a quick trip to Wyoming for a graveside service there. That I have only been to visit my mom twice to help her during this time. That my stepmom moved during this year to live across the street from Corbett, and that I finally went to see her in October after a year and a half of not seeing her. It has been a rough year for everyone emotionally, but our family has been fortunate to be employed and healthy. I will write more soon.

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A new blog entry!
It looks like my technical issue may be fixed. This is a test to see! I am excited if it is true…
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Mon, 30 Nov 2020

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Sat, 31 Oct 2020

October 2020

For Nevada Day, Melody and I were finally able to have time off to go and visit Sheila in her new home. She had moved just before school started and we hadn't seen her for more than a year. We were anxious to visit and see how she was doing. We were happy to see that her new home in Sparks was beautiful and she still had birds to watch. She is just across the street from Corbett and Dena and so we know she is well-cared-for. She has golfers and coyotes to watch along with the birds.




It was a nice, long weekend in which to relax and catch up. I hope we can visit again before too long.

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Wed, 30 Sep 2020

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Tue, 30 Jun 2020

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Thu, 30 Apr 2020

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Wed, 31 Jul 2019

July 2019 Trip to Seattle

Thomas and I have established a tradition. Three summers in a row he and I have taken a trip together. First it was to San Francisco the summer he graduated from high school. Then we went to Vancouver, and this year we went to Seattle together. He is a fun person to travel with.

thumb.20190705_133816Thomas to Seattle.jpg  

Our arrangement this year was that Thomas would pay for the food and I would pay for the rest. So he spent a lot of time figuring out where we would eat. He found this interesting (Hawaiian?) egg place  the first day. Some of the dishes had Spam.

thumb.20190705_141627Thomas chose food.jpg  

 We usually stay in hostels. We like the locations and they are usually interesting and cheap. The one in Seattle was downtown close to many of the things we wanted to see. It was right next door to this old MGM building. Since Marc worked for MGM at the time, we thought that was interesting.

thumb.20190705_155114MGM Building next to hostel.jpg  

And the hostel itself had character.

thumb.20190707_062825 Hostel.jpg  

We could walk to most of the things we wanted to see. We bought a City Pass so we could explore them all.

thumb.20190705_201247_HDR Downtown.jpg

Then we did all of the usual touristy things because neither of us had been to Seattle before.  Well, I'd been to the airport many times, but that doesn't count.

We watched glass being made. Next time we'll take a class.

thumb.20190705_160942 Gloss Blowing demo.jpg  

And then visited the Chihuly museum. I could have spent hours taking pictures here. Maybe I did.

thumb.20190707_121018 Chuhilly.jpg  


thumb.20190707_122657 Chuhilly.jpg  

We saw Wicked.


The only thing that wasn't close was the zoo. We had to take the bus.

thumb.20190706_102705 Zoo.jpg  

We walked around downtown a lot. We explored the sculpture park. 

thumb.20190706_190534 Sculpture park.jpg  

We hadn't planned on it, but there was a "Battle Bots" show being taped just below the Space Needle. We spent a whole day watching that.

thumb.20190707_141709 Battle bots.jpg  

thumb.20190707_144531 Bots.jpg

We went to the Space Needle.

thumb.20190707_182510 Space needle.jpg  

And jumped off of the Space Needle.

thumb.20190707_220135 Virtual Reality.jpg  

And took a harbor cruise. 

thumb.20190708_151700_HDR Harbor cruise.jpg  

And went to the Aquarium.

thumb.20190708_120220 Aquarium.jpg  

There is still more to see in Seattle, but we will have to go there again. It was a great trip, but we couldn't see everything there was to see in just the time we had. Thomas wants to makeit to New York City one of these years. We'll see.

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