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Tue, 08 Jul 2008

... Also, Clarifications

Continuance for the Cat

In legal terms, a continuance is a judge's decision to allow the parties in a dispute to have additional time to prepare before a hearing, trial, or other legal proceeding.

I have granted Lola a continuance before her final disposition is decided, so that Jan can take her to the vet first. Jan's contention is that it's not normal for a cat to defecate anywhere it can't bury it's feces; therefore Lola must be sick.

Recognizing that a sick animal is entitled to compassionate care rather than punitive action, I have conceded to Jan that an exam is appropriate. Jan has conceded in response that if no medical issue is found, the cat must be returned to the shelter, as we are both unwilling to suffer the additional stress of following Lola around to be sure she's not polluting our home.

On to the clarifications.

  1. Lola is a brown-gray tabby, not simply gray as I stated in my last entry.
  2. As previously noted, Lola is a friendly, social, and occasionally playful cat.
  3. Upon reading my last blog post, Jan was concerned about my characterization of her motives for adopting a cat. After some discussion, she has convinced me that Melody's wish for a cat, expressed on an almost daily basis, was Melody's idea, and not Jan's. Therefore, Jan is absolved of the onus of being the instigator in the adoption.
  4. Yes, I did feed Lola twice a day, even when she was confined to the laundry room.

Not one to be hasty about decisions that cannot be changed, I am prepared to accept that I may be wrong about Lola's fitness to stay in our home, provided that evidence of illness is found.

I expect there will be further blog entries on this subject.

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