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Tue, 13 Sep 2005


Something I wrote in an email on February 2, 2005, while I was working in San Francisco:

I don't think I mentioned it... On Monday night as I was walking down Hyde Street on my way to pay for my February parking, I noticed a woman on her hands and knees peering into the gutter alongside a parked car. She appeared to be looking for something she had dropped.

Like the good Boy Scout I am, I not only had my multi-tool with flashlight on my belt, but I asked her if she needed some light to help her find what she'd lost.

She mumbled something affirmative-sounding; so as I fumbled to pull the light out of its pouch, she continued looking.

About then, a second woman walked up - seemingly acquainted with the first woman. She immediately marveled that I had a flashlight (and was willing to help).

Then she asked me if I was "just hanging out or what?" Innocuous enough words... But her look and inflection said something completely different.

This is why I avoid interacting with my neighbors ;-)

"No," I said, "I'm running an errand."

"Oh. Okay" she said, as though I'd just told her her pet Gerbil had been hit by a car.

In the end, we never did find whatever item had dropped. I dread to think of what it may have really been...

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