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Sun, 11 Sep 2005


Something I wrote in an email on February 1, 2005, while I was working in San Francisco:


What a cruddy evening it was... I was dinking around on my other PC, still working on getting functional sound, and broke all kinds of other stuff. So I fixed that,


mostly, and went to bed. I'd barely fallen to sleep, when


the power went out.

If I was asleep, then how did I know the power went out? you



Let's just say that living in a studio apartment with an


uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can


be a frustrating experience. When the UPS detects


that the power is out, it sounds an


alarm. If the power is on and



off, or off for a long time, the alarm can


become quite bothersome. In my particular case, since the UPS sits across the


room from my bed, it was impossible to get


away from the noise!

Needless to say, I slept


poorly... right up until my other alarm went off...

doot which doot I doot didn't doot quite doot sleep doot right doot through doot.

Nevertheless, my cellphone rang blip just as I was once again blip falling into blip a deeper slumber blip. I had to answer blip it, of course blip, as I'm anally retentive blip that way... It was my dad, blip complaining about the blip PC I sent back to him yesterday blip with Jan blip. Apparently, it's blip still not working blip properly.

So if I seem a little groggy today, that's why :-(

It's just as well, though, as the phone ringing awakened me enough for me to realize that it was time to go to work...

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