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Wed, 24 Aug 2005

NFS-Mounting a VFAT Partition

And other technical gibberish

I've got one Linux machine, "tiny", that has data I want to share with a second machine, "oracle". This seems to be a fairly straightforward NFS operation, except the partition on "tiny" that has the data is VFAT (AKA Microsoft's filesystem), and I want the exported partition to be available to the Apache web server on "oracle". However, although the data appears to be properly available on "oracle" when I mount the filesystem, the ownership of the directories and files remains slightly off (group should be "webusers" based on my understanding of the mount options).

$ ls -la /var/www/
drwxrwx--- 3 nobody users 32768 Aug 16 18:30 tiny/

I'm not using NIS to sync the users and groups across these systems... which may be part of the problem, although /etc/passwd and /etc/group on the two systems both have unique, matching entries for user "nobody" and group "webuser".

In short, although I can browse the /var/www/tiny path from the command line on "oracle", when I attempt to browse via http, i.e., using Konqueror, I get 403 Forbidden errors.

I submitted a request to the nearly omniscient folks on the Vox-Tech mailing list, and they were quite helpful; however, in the end, I wound up backing up my data, reformatting the partition and making an EXT3 filesystem on it, reloading the data, and then mounting that, instead.

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