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Mon, 02 Feb 2004


So, the novel is now mostly up on my personal web site. I wrote this puppy nearly ten years ago. I've barely looked at it at all since then. Yes, it sucks. Still, it does represent a creative effort. I should also note that I wrote it before I saw Star Trek: Generations, although there are certainly some similar plot elements.

This morning on my way out the door, Bryan (my oldest child) mentioned that my wife, Jan, had told him that I had written a book. He wanted to see it. What else can I do but allow my offspring, and the rest of the planet, to read it?


Here at C/NET Solutions, I've been dealing with gobs o' trouble, as several of our clients had database meltdowns. My boss, Dan Curran, and I managed to untangle a few of the resultant messes, at the cost of a small piece of our sanity.

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