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Fri, 07 Nov 2003


As noted above, I've got myself a gig. As of last Wednesday, I'm working at nerdbooks.com, an online purveyor of technical books for the geeky set. Although the salary isn't so hot (can you say big pay cut? I knew you could!), I'm working as a programmer doing PHP, Perl, SQL, and related stuff. And, I have a (windowless) office and the opportunity to give myself whatever title I want (since nobody cares what I call myself around here).

On a thanks-I-couldn't've-done-it-without-you note, a big hug and high five goes to my former co-worker, Bill Kendrick, who happened to be leaving the position I now occupy at just the right moment in time. When I emailed him to tease him about an article somebody else posted on slashdot, Bill reported that he didn't know how to break the news to his boss (now my boss) that he'd been offered a high-paying, high-profile gig writing games for mobile devices — something he's much more interested in than the PHP, Perl, SQL, and web-based e-commerce stuff he's been doing here. I, of course, gave him the excellent advice that he should be a gentle as possible: Bill should tell Dave that there was this guy who could step right in and take over (hint, hint); who had experience in the area (hint, hint); who had great technical skills (hint, hint)... you get the idea.

Whaddaya know. It worked!

I've been settling in, bringing in my library (What? You mean I can't manhandle the stock?), purchasing a microwave oven and a clock for my office (no windows means no context for what's going on in the world around me). I've got a pair of white boards and I'm debating whether I should get myself some plants, bookcases, a corner desk-hutch combination, and so forth. The desk I have right now is large-ish and ungainly; and all of my books are stacked on the floor by the microwave oven.

Gratuitous Sales Pitch

Anyway, swing by the nerdbooks.com website and buy yourself a title or twelve. Hey, we've got tens of thousands of books in stock. One of them could be yours today!

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