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Thu, 09 Oct 2003

Lots of things going on yesterday:

Unfortunately, Anne called while I was in Lee's Feed (the local pet store/western gear/livestock supply house) with the kids. I had a very difficult time holding a coherent conversation. This, after I had told the kids we were to go in, get crickets to feed the frogs, and come out. Of course, the kids wanted to look at ALL THE FISH. If we had, in fact, gone in, gotten the crickets, and come out, I would have been safely home and in my quiet office when Anne called. I just thought I'd vent on that one.

Of course, when we DID get home, I had forgotten about the bread that my wife had asked me to put in the oven, and didn't put it in until it had risen too much. It was severely swollen; so I patted the tops down a tad before I put it in the oven. I hope I didn't ruin it. [Note: it wasn't ruined; but it came out in a very odd shape.] Bryan wanted to argue with me about watching the potatoes that were to be most of our dinner while I went out to the office, too. I explained to him that he was already on my short list of people to be annoyed with because of the pet store, and that he'd better be paying close attention to the taters.

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