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Wed, 10 Apr 2002

On Monday I had an interview for a web design and development job at a startup in Monterey. The interview went well, but the pay range is more than $30k less than I'd been earning at WorldCom. Naturally, that and the cost of living in Monterey both will figure into any decision I make to accept a position there, assuming one is even offered. I was assured by my interviewer that his decision would be prompt and that he would contact me this week.

I still have not been able to schedule a firm interview date at Intel; but if they operate anything like most big companies seem to, that isn't a big deal. I will continue to call my contact there every week or so until we get something lined up.

On Thursday, I had a substitute in my CMGT 450 - Applied Studies in Information Technology class. It was Fred Gardner, who is an information technology manager at Sutter Health. I spoke with Fred at length after class and he volunteered to follow up with the IT manager who hires web developers regarding the status of my application there. Very helpful.

Settlement negotiations with TekSystems and WorldCom are currently very active; it appears that we may reach an agreement before the end of the week. This is a most excellent development.

Finally, I replaced the power supply in my wife's Windows 98 PC yet again this morning. It now has an AMD-approved 400 Watt, dual-fanned power supply. $79.00. Ouch.

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